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Everything you need to know about being a Room Parent!

Would you like to be a Room Parent for your child’s classroom?  The Room Parent is a very fun, but integral part of the elementary school classroom.  Please take a moment to review the guidelines and responsibilities for being a room parent before signing up.  This is a commitment, please be prepared to set aside time for various activities which contribute to the success of the classroom.


Guidelines and responsibilities of a Room Parent may include:

  • Contacting or reminding parents to send party supplies to school
  • Organize and purchase gifts twice a year
  • Serve as field trip chaperone
  • Completing any special projects for the teacher
  • Organizing volunteers for classroom activities, i.e. learning centers or school-wide events


Each teacher’s needs for a Room Parent may be different, it is mandatory the room parent contact the teacher to understand all expectations.  We will also supply you with a ‘Get to know your Teacher form’ to help you get better acquainted.


The Orchard Park School District Shared Decision-Making team (SDM) has an established process to make the selection of room parents a fair process for all of those who are interested.  Also, you must be an Approved Parent Volunteer to be a Room Parent.




If you are selected to be a Room Parent, here are a few samples and suggestions of communications you may use to help you become a successful Room Parent.


Communication is key!  Please contact your teacher ASAP to get better acquainted.  Feel free to use the following:


Get to know your Teacher - This is useful to understand your teacher's interests and hobbies.


Introduction letter to your Teacher - Introduce yourself to your teacher and provide as much contact information as you can.


Introduction Letter to the Parents - Please send this letter to all the parents in the room to get their preferred way of communicating and to introduce yourself.